Welcome to the Palmerston North City Environmental Trust (PNCET)

PNCET aims to contribute to Palmerston North becoming a more environmentally sustainable and vibrant city through stimulating and supporting activities that contribute to achieving this aim.  We aim to generate awareness about the need for sustainability, deliver principled and effective advocacy for the environment, and provide funding for local environmentally-focused projects.

Our vision

* To make Palmerston North a more environmentally sustainable and vibrant community.

Our Mission

* To contribute to Palmerston North becoming a more environmentally sustainable and vibrant city by:
* Stimulating and supporting activities that contribute to achieving this aim.
* Generating awareness about the environment
* Delivering principled and effective advocacy for the environment.

Our goals

* To initiate and nurture environmental projects meeting critical needs for Palmerston North’s environmental sustainability.
* To strengthen existing and emerging organisations in enhancing the environmental sustainability of Palmerston North, primarily through the provision of expert advice and financial assistance as appropriate.
* To provide reliable and relevant information to create greater environmental awareness in Palmerston North. This will include environmental advocacy and education in a broad sense, and will be sensitive to our cultural and environmental heritage and status.

Who We Are 

* An independent body established in 1991 by the City Council to enhance the natural and physical environment of Palmerston North.
* Run by a Trust Board of up to twelve people with diverse backgrounds and a unifying interest in environmental sustainability.
* Vision supported by the Palmerston North City Council and other organisations.

More Info

* Information on our activities and achievements, including supported environmental sustainability projects, education, and advocacy can be found in our current annual report (58KB)
* The pdf of our strategic plan (58KB) provides a summary of the info on this page. You are welcome to ask the Trust for more details on our plans and activities in the local community.

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